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This is the complete history of the deliberations of the Indiana Statute Revision Commission, covering the course of its existence - 1969-1970.

I served as the Director of the Commission. I kept a copy of every official document. These copies have been stored away for nearly 40 years, in large part because it was nearly impossible to find anything in the foot-high stack of papers.

Recently when I began looking into the current status of the Indiana Code, I turned to this invaluable history and determined to make it generally available. This involved quite a bit of effort.

I have scanned all documents [the files occupy 50MB], arranged them, and created indices making them accessible both chronologically and by topic. As they are scanned documents, they are not searchable by word. But that seems unnecessary due to the arrangements.

A lot of people whose names are now a part of history contributed to the creation of the Indiana Code of 1971. This record is a memorial to their work.

Marcia J. Oddi
August 4, 2008

Other Resources:

"The Indiana Code of 1971: Its Preparation, Passage, and Implications," 5 Indiana Law Review  1-129 (1971) (with Margaret C. Attridge). [NOTE: This document is 6.97 MB and is formatted for double-sided printing.]

"The Proposed Indiana Code of 1971," 14 Res Gestae  12 (1970) (with Phillip E. Gutman).

"Statute Revision in the State of Indiana," 13 Res Gestae  12 (1969) (with Phillip E. Gutman).