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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Law - More on "In the Jury Room"

I watched the third episode of In the Jury Room last evening, after recommending it in this entry yesterday, and thought it was outstanding.

As it turns out, the fourth episode is airing tonight:

The State of Arizona v. Wendy Sue Anderson
Driving in her car one evening, Wendy Anderson was making a turn when she crashed into a motorcycle carrying a father and son. The father was badly injured, but survived. His 18-year-old son did not. Anderson, a single mom with no criminal record, had been drinking that night, but tests also showed that the motorcycle riders had evidence of marijuana in their systems. Public Defender Suzanne Crawford will argue that even though Anderson was intoxicated, she was not at fault for the accident. Prosecutor Mark Diebolt must convince the jurors that the victim is not on trial in this case, and the crash was entirely Anderson's fault. The jury will have to decide if this was a tragic accident or manslaughter.

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