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Monday, February 21, 2005

Ind. Law - "Disturbing events surrounding expansion plans at Indiana University School of Law - Indianapolis"

Josh Claybourn, 2nd year JD Candidate at Indiana University School of Law - Indianapolis and an active blogger, sent me a note this morning along with a link. The note:

Various media reports have not covered recent developments at the law school very well. There is troubling in-fighting between Indy and Bloomington. While this is nothing new, the significance and impact is
The link is to a new entry in IndyLaw Net, "a website written and managed by students at Indiana University School of Law in Indianapolis." Some quotes from the start of the post:
For several weeks now IndyLawNet.com has learned about disturbing events surrounding expansion plans at Indiana University School of Law - Indianapolis. For various reasons we've witheld formal publication of these developments, but information from various high ranking administration officials has forced our hand.

In essence, plans have been in the works to expand IU Law - Indianapolis both physically and substantively. The plans called for an addition to the building, which would house the Indianapolis Bar Association (IBA) and the Indianapolis Bar Foundation (IBF). Others suggested an expansion of the Center for Intellectual Property Law as well. Dean Tarr set about securing money, donations, and support from alumni and the local legal community. As Dean Tarr has done so many times in the past, he succeeded in drumming up support and moved forward with the plans.

Yet when Dean Tarr sent the proposal to Bloomington for approval, he met an all too common resistance. Bloomington, it seems, was fearful of being overshadowed by its Indianapolis counterpart. IU Law - Indy found similar resistance to the building of Inlow Hall in the late 1990s, but this time Bloomington's jealous efforts succeeded. Bloomington will attempt to block any expansion plans in Indianapolis until Bloomington's law school has had their own chance to expand.

The comments (17 so far) following the post also are interesting.

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