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Monday, October 17, 2005

Ind. Decisions - Supreme Court disciplinary action [Updated]

The Supreme Court has issued a 6-page per curiam displinary action, In the Matter of John H. Freeman, IV. Some quotes:

In this opinion, we find that respondent's pattern of neglecting his clients and his obliga-tions under the Rules of Professional Conduct warrants his suspension from the practice of law for twelve (12) months. * * *

For the numerous violations committed by respondent, he is suspended from the practice of law for twelve (12) months, effective December 1, 2005. Respondent may only be reinstated to the practice of law upon his affirmative demonstration of meeting each of the requirements of Ind. Admission and Discipline Rule 23, Section 4, and that he is fit to resume the practice of law.

Costs of this proceeding are assessed against the respondent.

[Updated 10/18/05] Here is the AP coverage, published this afternoon on the Indianapolis Star website. Quotes include:
A disciplinary hearing officer found Freeman guilty of 11 of 12 charges of misconduct, including allegations that he charged clients "nonrefundable retainers" and then failed to appear for court hearings.

In one case, the court said Freeman was hired to defend someone on a murder charge and did no substantial work on their behalf after accepting $3,000 in payment. When the client asked for the money back, Freeman instead sent a bill for an additional $20, the high court said.

In another case, the court said Freeman withdrew his representation in a court proceeding without notifying his client.

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