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Friday, October 07, 2005

Ind. Law - Commentary on Senator Miller's proposal to limit procreation assistance continues

"Regulate pregnancy? Idea shelved but not dead" is the headline to Matthew Tully's column today in the Indianapolis Star. The piece concludes:

Sen. Vi Simpson, D-Ellettsville, put it well. "This is state-controlled pregnancy," she said. Miller might have a vision of perfect families, Simpson said, but her plan would do nothing to stop the many unfit parents who have children through traditional methods.

Simpson also noted that someone heading to a fertility clinic likely has prepared hard for parenthood -- and doesn't need the state hovering over them. "There's a lot more thought that goes into assisted reproduction procedures than there is to sexual intercourse," she said.

Along with the proposal's effect on single, gay and lesbian Hoosiers, married couples would have to suffer through "an assessment," and obtain a certificate, before gaining access to donor eggs or sperm.

The proposal reads like "1984." The "assessment" covers things like values, religion, income, personality and physical descriptions, and much more.
Within a few hours, Miller gave up. She withdrew her plan because "the issue has become more complex than anticipated."

So why write about it now? Here's why. Miller has not ruled out resurrecting the idea when the General Assembly meets in January.

For background, start with this 10/5/05 ILB entry.

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