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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Law - Two interesting law stories from the area, one about auctions, one about discrimination

"Auction gone bad winds up in court: sellers wanted to keep part of land" is the headline to an AP story in the Evansville Courier& Press today. Some quotes:

BRIDGEPORT, Ind. - A couple who sued an auctioneer for auctioning off five acres near the Ohio River they told him they wanted to keep are awaiting a judge's ruling in the complicated case.

Roger and Carolyn Ehalt allege in their lawsuit that when their historic property in southern Harrison County sold at auction two years ago, they thought they had arranged to reserve five acres for a son.

The further you read in the story, the more complicated it gets.

A story in the Chicago Sun-Times today begins:

CUB RUN, Ky. -- A woman who left the Amish community years ago is refused service by an Amish thrift store owner. The shopper claims her civil rights have been violated; the owner says that serving someone excommunicated from the church would be a serious moral offense.

That's the crux of a vexing discrimination case before Kentucky's Commission on Human Rights, testing how far the Amish can go in practicing their centuries-old faith under the modern-day mores of civil rights.

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