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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Environment/Econ. Dev. - State's Pilot Shovel-Ready Program now in place

According to the new program's page on the Indiana Finance Authority website:

The Pilot Shovel Ready Program is a new state program created to help communities certify sites as "ready for development." Shovel Ready is designed to ultimately help companies locate and develop a property site quickly. This provides a competitive advantage for Indiana and gets Hoosier jobs here faster. The Goals of the Pilot Shovel Ready Program are to:
  • Help local communities prepare sites ready for development by pre-permitting a site as much as possible
  • Certify sites to help companies more easily navigate the selection and permitting process
  • Generate a list of remaining permits necessary for a specific site
  • Help fast track the remaining state, federal and local business/industry specific permits
For the Pilot Shovel Ready program, eligible expenses may qualify for up to a $10,000 grant if Shovel Ready Certification is awarded. Applications will be due by 5pm on Monday, May 15th.
The Draft Pilot Shovel Ready Guidelines, available here, include these minimum standards:
  • Executive-Level Community Support (Mayor, County Commissioner, Town Council President)
  • Ownership of property clearly identified. Property should be owned or optioned by local economic development organization, local unit of government, developer, end user or utility.
  • Infrastructure in place - Infrastructure includes: roads, electric, gas, high speed communications, wastewater treatment and public water supply, air, rail, highway access (an appropriate capacity for each identified item will be determined)
  • Wetlands survey complete (IDEM - State, Army Corps – Federal)
  • Identify water bodies and receiving streams associated with the site
  • Topography maps associated with site is supplied
  • Environmental assessment of property complete through appropriate Phase I, and if indicated, a Phase II evaluation
  • Remediated sites with an appropriate liability protection documented
  • Obtain necessary approval from Fire Marshall on condition of site
  • Document commitments from local government to “fast track” remaining permits
  • Use permits, variances, and approval of development plans
  • Expedite scheduling of public hearings
  • Local building inspections or construction permits when a specific business has been identified.
  • Curb cut permits; access plans, Right Of Way dedication, traffic study requirement
  • Local zoning is consistent with proposed use of shovel ready site
  • Drainage plans
  • Occupancy certificates
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