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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Ind. Decisions - Supreme Court posts four more today

In addition to the case sumarized by the ILB here earlier today, the Supreme Court has now posted four more decisions:

Jason Paul Davidson v. State of Indiana

Niki Kelly reports on this opinion in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette on 6/30/06, ending with:

The Supreme Court on Wednesday agreed with the original trial court decision, finding that Davidson’s real defense was based on intoxication not volition.

“The General Assembly has declared that intoxication is not a defense … If instead we treat intoxication as raising the question of voluntary conduct, the result would be that all intoxication would be a defense,” the decision said. “All the available legislative history about the origins of these provisions is to the contrary.”

Albert Hardister v. State of Indiana

Dorsey Matthews v. State of Indiana

Joshua Kendall v. State of Indiana

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