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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Environment - "BP gets break on soot limits: Indiana decision insulates firm from new federal rules" [Updated]

Michael Hawthorne of the Chicago Tribune reports today:

Indiana regulators have granted BP another exemption from environmental standards, this time relaxing rules requiring a sharp drop in harmful soot pollution from the company's Whiting oil refinery.

The decision by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management would allow BP to keep releasing the same amount of microscopic air pollution as it does today, despite changes in federal rules that would have required the refinery to cut emissions in half.

Lawyers for the city of Chicago, state of Illinois and environmental groups are asking an Indiana environmental judge to overturn the ruling. They contend that BP should be forced to prove its emissions of particulate matter, commonly known as soot, won't worsen the region's dirty air problems.

Federal environmental regulators, who must sign off before the Indiana ruling takes effect, also are questioning the decision.

See also a similar story, this one from the Gary Post-Tribune, quoted in the second part of this ILB entry from Aug. 25th.

[Updated 8/29/07] See also this April 29th Gary P-T story, headed "Critics doubt emission limit promise by BP," and this NWI Times story of the same date, headed "Complaint: IDEM let BP skip air rule."

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