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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ind. Courts - More on: Muncie attorney fails to appear for plea hearing

Updating this ILB entry from Aug. 25th, the Muncie Star-Press reports today:

WINCHESTER -- Muncie attorney Donald McClellan pleaded guilty Tuesday to possession of cocaine and public intoxication, more than a year after he was found urinating on a highway in July 2006.

Under a proposed plea agreement, the cocaine charge against McClellan would be reduced from felony to misdemeanor status. The public intoxication charge is also a misdemeanor.

"I have done a lot of recovery," McClellan, 51, said during an interview. "It has been a great process of recovery."

Special Judge Brian Hutchison of Jay County accepted McClellan's guilty plea on Tuesday in Randolph Superior Court, but took the case under advisement until an proposed agreement McClellan has reached with the Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission is approved.

Under the terms of that agreement, McClellan said he would receive a 30-day suspension from the practice of law and serve two years of probation.

The Muncie attorney entered an outpatient program at Fairbanks Hospital, Indianapolis, for drug and alcohol abuse last year, and participated in a judges and lawyers assistance program to recover from substance abuse.

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