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Friday, October 19, 2007

Ind. Decisions - Court grants four transfers this week

The formal transfer list will follow later today, but four cases have been granted transfer this week:

David Green v. State - see July 27th ILB entry on COA ruling here: "The State presented sufficient evidence to negate Green’s defenses of self-defense and accident. Green has established no reversible error in the admission of evidence. Finally, he has failed to persuade us that his consecutive sentences are inappropriate. Affirmed."

Beth Kopczynski v. David Barger - see June 27th ILB entry on 2-1 COA ruling here; the majority opinion concluded:

In light of this evidence, it is apparent that the Bargers had no reason to know that Alisha might enter their property and jump on the trampoline without their express permission. Thus, the Palmers have failed to show that the Bargers may be held liable for Alisha’s injuries under an attractive nuisance theory. While we are sympathetic to Alisha’s plight, we conclude that summary judgment was properly entered for the Bargers.
Richard Pflanz v. Merrill Foster - see June 19th ILB entry on COA holding here; deals with the statute of limitations for bringing underground storage tank claims

Daniel Raess v. Joseph Doescher - This is the workplace bullying case; transfer was granted after the oral arguments held Oct. 10th in Evansville - start with ILB entry here.

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