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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ind. Courts - "Repeat-offender cases concern judge, prosecutor"

Rick Yencer reports in the Muncie Star-Press:

A convicted murderer and other alleged repeat offenders remained in jail Monday after trial dates were set on their latest charges.

Delaware Circuit Court 4 Judge John Feick said it was discouraging to see a growing number of convicted felons returning to court to face new charges, a trend that also concerns Delaware County Prosecutor Mark McKinney. * * *

McKinney said a study was under way to determine the number of habitual offender cases filed over he past five years to determine whether a trend exists.

"The Indiana Department of Corrections, Legislature and Indiana Court of Appeals seem to all be working hard to get offenders out of prison quicker and quicker," he said.

The Legislature recently gave drug dealers one pass because the first dealing conviction does not count toward habitual offender enhancement, the prosecutor said.

McKinney supports a system similar to the federal government that requires offenders to do at least 85 percent of their sentence. Convicts in state courts generally serve about half of the sentence imposed by a judge.

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