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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ind. Courts - Update on "Lawrence County Judge Found Dead In Home"

Following up on the ILB's most recent entry on this story, from Nov. 6, 2007, Laura Lane of the Bloomington Herald Times reports today in a lengthy story ($$$):

When Lawrence Circuit Judge and Army National Guard Col. Richard McIntyre killed himself last October, talk of his possible involvement in a military furniture-buying scandal tainted memories of his revered life of public service.

Citizens were left wondering if the investigation contributed to his suicide.

Last week, a federal grand jury indicted two managers of a furniture store in Columbus for aiding and abetting the submission of false claims to the federal government involving furniture rental contracts at Camp Atterbury, where McIntyre had served.

No one will substantiate that McIntyre was involved and will say only that the investigation continues. * * *

Timothy Morrison, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Indiana, also would not comment then, or now, as to whether McIntyre was under suspicion.

“I would neither confirm or deny, and the reasons are obvious,” he said. “We’re attempting to protect the reputation and the good name of people unless it’s proven beyond reasonable doubt they have done something wrong.”

He remains mum on the subject of McIntyre and said his office does not discuss the status of people not charged in criminal investigations.

According to Army National Guard spokesman Maj. Michael Brady, investigators from the Department of Defense, the Army and other federal and state agencies conducted an 18-month investigation and learned that service members were presenting claims for rental furniture that they then kept.

“There are a number of military personnel under investigation,” Brady said.

He said that now, all military personnel assigned to Camp Atterbury live in furnished government quarters, “so it is not possible for this situation to happen again.”

Brady said he would not address whether the furniture-buying investigation contributed to McIntyre’s actions last Oct. 30, when his wife found him dead inside his 2007 GMC Yukon parked in the garage at their Brook Knoll home.

“It would not be proper for the Army or the National Guard to speculate regarding the reasons why somebody would take their own life,” he said.

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