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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Ind. Decisions - Still more on suspended Bloomington attorney

Updating this entry from yesterday, a reader has sent along this story from Saturday's Bloomington Herald-Times ($$$), reported by Sarah Morin:

Attorney Elizabeth Cure, a candidate for judge in the fall election, distanced herself from her former law partner, David Colman, in a news conference Friday.

Colman will start a three-year suspension from the practice of law on July 1.

“I trust that the public, once they have all of the facts, will judge me not on a guilt-by-association basis, but rather on the basis of what I have done and what I offer as judge,” Cure said, mostly reading from a prepared statement.

The purpose of the news conference, Cure said, was to clarify her connection with Colman and a case in which he arranged for himself to be the beneficiary of an elderly man’s estate.

Cure was named the executor of the contested will of George Archer, which was included in a June 1 Herald-Times article on Archer, who eventually left $650,000 to Hilltop Gardens and Nature Center. She was made executor without her knowledge or permission, Cure said. When she discovered what had happened, she took steps to leave her partnership with Colman and start her own practice. While she couldn’t afford to quit right away — noting she is a single mother of two — Cure said she talked with attorneys and judges about the case immediately upon finding out about the will.

As for Colman, his suspension stems from an investigation into reports of attorney misconduct in cases including Archer’s. The decision came last month from the Indiana Supreme Court.

“The disciplinary decision did not include me in any way because I had nothing whatsoever to do with the situation,” Cure said. She started her practice more than a year ago.

Cure, a Democrat, will be up against current Monroe Circuit Court Judge Christine Talley Haseman in the fall.

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