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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ind. Decisions - Two today from 7th Circuit

In Trask-Morton v. Motel 6 (SD Ind., Judge McKinney), a 20-page opinion, Judge Manion writes:

Shortly after midnight on December 7, 2003, Marilyn Trask-Morton checked into a Motel 6 in Indianapolis. Later that morning, Morton, acting dazed and confused, staggered into the lobby of the motel and up to the front desk, slid sideways, and fell to the floor. Morton was taken to a hospital, treated, and released. Morton has no memory of what happened between when she went to bed at the motel and when she regained consciousness in the hospital. Nevertheless, Morton filed suit against Motel 6 Operating, L.P. alleging, among other things, that she had been sexually assaulted during that time and asserting several negligence claims against Motel 6 for allowing the assault to occur. Motel 6 filed a motion for summary judgment, which the district court granted. Morton appeals. We affirm.
In U.S. v. Marietta Squibb (ND Ind., CJ Miller), a 6-page Per Curiam opinion:
A jury found Marietta Squibb guilty of committing mail and wire fraud, and of conspiring to defraud the United States. The district court sentenced her to ninety-six months’ imprisonment. On appeal she argues that the government presented insufficient evidence to show her knowledge of the conspiracy, and thus, she contends, her convictions should be overturned. Sufficient evidence supported the jury’s verdicts; therefore, we affirm. * * *

The record is not devoid of evidence of Marietta’s guilt, and her convictions are not “shocking.” We therefore AFFIRM the convictions.

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