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Friday, August 01, 2008

Ind. Decisions - More on 7th Circuit decision yesterday in US V. Gladish

In US V. Gladish, decided yesterday (see ILB summary here), Judge Posner ruled:

The defendant’s conviction of violating 18 U.S.C. § 2422(b) is reversed with instructions to acquit. The sentence for violating section 1470 will stand.
It appears the defendant, who was arrested in St. Joseph County, was one of 24 arrested for child solicitation in August of 2006, according to this story from Aug. 23, 2006 by Sophia Voravang of the Lafayette Journal & Courier. From the story:
This weekend, detectives in Tippecanoe, Porter and St. Joseph counties arrested 24 men accused of trying to coerce teen girls online to engage in alleged sexual activity, U.S. attorney Joseph Van Bokkelen of Indiana's Northern District announced Tuesday morning.
It appears from the story that only some of those arrested actually traveled to a proposed meeting place:
Eleven of the men arrested during the 21-day-long federal sting actually traveled to a proposed meeting place, including five who came to Tippecanoe County. The other arrests were based on alleged explicit chatroom conversations.
This story yesterday in the Journal & Courier gives the sentencing information from the 2006 Tippecanoe County arrests, both those who actually traveled to the proposed meeting place and those who did not. The ILB has not located similar information for the Porter and St. County arrests.

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