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Monday, January 05, 2009

Ind. Law - "Yielding to emergency vehicles"

Ken Kosky's "It's the Law" column in the NWI Times this week focuses on the law requiring people to yield to emergency vehicles. Some quotes from the story:

A police officer is more likely to be run over during a roadside traffic stop than he is to be shot or stabbed, according to police statistics.

That's why Indiana enacted a "move over law" that requires motorists who see a stopped emergency vehicle on the side of the road to, if they're on a four-lane road, switch lanes so they are not in the lane next to the stopped emergency vehicle. If the motorists can't safely get to the other lane, they must slow down and cautiously drive past the emergency vehicle.

Motorists must move over for police cars, fire trucks and ambulances. They must also move over for recovery vehicles and highway maintenance vehicles. * * *

The same law that requires people to move over for stopped emergency vehicles also requires people to pull to the right and stop when they see an emergency vehicle approaching them and trying to get past them. Emergency responders say people who fail to pull over delay the emergency responders' response to serious medical calls, fires and traffic accidents.

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