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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Courts - Still more on "Justices Asked to Weigh Free Speech vs. License Plates"

Updating this ILB entry from Sept. 14th, which discussed the likelihood of the 7th Circuit decision in Choose Life Illinois, Incorporated, et al. v. White, Illinois Secretary of State being granted cert by the SCOTUS, the Court yesterday denied the petition.

See this ILB entry from April 27th for background, including this NYT quote:

Illinois, on the other hand, has refused to issue a “Choose Life” plate, a decision that was challenged by a group called Choose Life Illinois, which promotes adoption. The federal appeals court in Chicago upheld Illinois’ refusal in November, and this month the losing side asked the Supreme Court to return to the question of what the constitution has to say about speech on license plates.
Today Dave McKinney writes in the Chicago Sun-Times under the headline "Abortion foes fail in bid for 'Choose Life' plate loses: High court refuses to hear case meant to force state's hand":
SPRINGFIELD -- Those opposed to abortion won't have a chance anytime soon to buy "Choose Life" license plates for their vehicles now that the U.S. Supreme Court declined Monday to weigh in on the matter.

The nation's high court refused to hear a request from an anti-abortion group, Choose Life Illinois Inc., to force the state to issue "Choose Life" license plates.

The court left in place a federal appeals ruling that Illinois officials were within their rights in trying to keep viewpoints on abortion off Illinois license plates.

After gathering 25,000 signatures in support, the group pressed Secretary of State Jesse White to allow the creation of the anti-abortion-themed specialty license plate, following the lead of surrounding states with "Choose Life" plates. * * *

The group also might attempt to bring the issue before the state Legislature after previously being unable to persuade lawmakers to approve "Choose Life" plates, which are now permitted in 20 other states, including Indiana and Missouri.

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