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Friday, October 30, 2009

Ind. Decisions - Transfer granted in BMV / Social Security Administration records case

The ILB has received no official notice, but a reader sent this note late this afternoon:

FYI, it's reported on the electronic docket that the Supreme Court yesterday granted transfer in Leone v. Comm'r, BMV, 906 N.E.2d 172 (Ct.App. 5/15/09), the 2-1 decision holding that the presence of an unresolved discrepancy between BMV and SSA records constituted a rational basis for suspending or revoking a driver's license or ID card, which are now needed to vote under the Voter ID Law.
The ILB has confirmed this via the clerk's docket - 49 S 02 - 0910 - CV - 00505.

Here is the ILB's May 15th entry discussing the Court of Appeals opinion in Lyn Leone, Omari Vaden, et al v. Commissioner, Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles, et al. The summary written in advance of the COA's oral argument read:

The Appellants-Plaintiffs contend that the Commissioner of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles has violated Indiana Law by relying upon the Social Security Administration's records to revoke their driver licenses or state issued identification cards. They contend that state law only requires them to provide their "legal name" in order to obtain a driver license or state identification card, but now the Bureau of Motor Vehicles is rejecting their valid driver licenses and state identification cards based upon conflicting records from the Social Security Administration.

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