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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ind. Gov't. - "Move to National ID Cards Delayed"

The ILB has had a number of entries on the Real ID program, particularly in reference to the new requirements for Indiana drivers' licenses that go into effect with the new year. So this Dec. 14th story by David Kravels of Wired's "Threat Level" is of interest. Some quotes:

The United States’ quest for a national identification database associated with driver’s licenses won’t be finished by year’s end.

The deadline was Dec. 31 for the states to create what would be the largest identification database of its kind under the auspices of the Real ID program. The law also mandates uniform anti-counterfeiting standards for state driver’s licenses.

None of the states are in full compliance with the law, first adopted in 2005, requiring state motor vehicle bureaus to obtain and internally scan and store personal information like Social Security cards and birth certificates for a national database, according to the American Civil Liberties Union. About half the states oppose the mandate, or have said they would never comply.

Beginning Jan.1, the law was supposed to have blocked anybody from boarding a plane using their driver’s license as ID if their resident state did not comport with the Real ID program. But the Department of Homeland Security is set to extend, for at least a year, the deadline of the Real ID program that has raised the ire of privacy advocates.

The story includes a map showing the status of the "Anti-Real ID Movement" in the various states. (A look at the map shows Indiana's position in the line-up of states to be somewhat surprising, IMHO.)

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