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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ind. Decisions - Supreme Court decides one today

In the Matter of the Hon. David A. Moreland, Judge of the Bicknell City Court is a 3-page, per curiam opinion in a judicial disciplinary action. Some quotes:

Respondent has been the elected judge of the Bicknell City Court since January 1, 2008. From the time he assumed office until on or about October 14, 2009, he employed his wife, Cindy Moreland, as Bicknell City Court Clerk. On October 13, 2009, the Knox County Prosecutor filed an Information in Knox Superior Court, case number 42D02-0910-FD-001216, charging Respondent with five counts of Theft as Class D felonies stemming from allegations that Respondent exerted unauthorized control over infraction ticket payments, payments to resolve failures to appear and to restore drivers’ licenses, and funds held in the Bicknell City Court’s bank account. The following day, we suspended Respondent with pay per Indiana Admission and Discipline Rule 25(V)(A), and Respondent has remained under suspension since that date. * * *

Having considered the circumstances of this case and the parties’ proposed disposition of it, we conclude that further prosecution of this matter is unnecessary. Had the Commission proven the alleged misconduct through the continuation of this proceeding, the most severe sanction we likely would have imposed on Respondent would have been removal from office, a permanent ban on serving as a judicial officer, and the costs of this proceeding. Because Respondent has agreed to such terms, continuation of this proceeding would be a waste of limited judicial resources.

Here is a list of earlier ILB entries on Bickell City Court Judge Moreland, a non-attorney. Perhaps most interesting was this November 18, 2009 ILB entry headed "New Bicknell City Judge Michael Edwards named 'Judge of the Day' by national law blog," about the attorney appointed by Gov. Daniels to fill Moreland's seat.

[More] Here is the press release put out by the Court. It begins:

The Indiana Supreme Court has permanently banned Bicknell City Court Judge, David Andrew Moreland, from servings as a judge or in any judicial capacity. Mr. Moreland has resigned as judge of the city court effective immediately.

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