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Monday, August 02, 2010

Ind. Courts - Judicial Nominating Commissioner's report to the Governor is to be public

When the Commission officially submits the three names selected Friday to the Governor, they will be accompanied by a report which by law will be a public document, pursuant to IC 33-27-3-2, which provides in part:

Sec. 2. (a) The judicial nominating commission shall submit to the governor, from those names the commission considers for a vacancy, the names of only the three (3) most highly qualified candidates. In determining which candidates are most highly qualified each commission member shall evaluate each candidate, in writing, on the following considerations:
(1) Legal education, including law schools attended and education after law school, and any academic honors and awards achieved.

(2) Legal writings, including legislative draftings, legal briefs, and contributions to legal journals and publications.

(3) Reputation in the practice of law, as evaluated by attorneys and judges with whom the candidate has had professional contact, and the type of legal practice, including experience and reputation as a trial lawyer or trial judge.

(4) Physical condition, including general health, stamina, vigor, and age.

(5) Financial interests, including any interest that might conflict with the performance of judicial responsibilities.

(6) Activities in public service, including writings and speeches concerning public affairs and contemporary problems, and efforts and achievements in improving the administration of justice.

(7) Any other pertinent information that the commission feels is important in selecting the most highly qualified individuals for judicial office. * * *

(f) The commission shall submit with the list of three (3) nominees to the governor its written evaluation of each nominee, based on the considerations set forth in subsection (a). The list of names submitted to the governor and the written evaluation of each nominee shall be publicly disclosed by the commission.
For more, see this ILB entry from July 26th, and this one from June 2, 2010.

Posted by Marcia Oddi on August 2, 2010 03:48 PM
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