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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ind. Decisions - More on: In the Matter of Curtis E. Shirley

Updating this ILB entry from yesterday, re the disciplinary action taken by the Supreme Court against Curtis Shirley, Bruce C. Smith of the Indianapolis Star reports this afternoon in a story headed "Conflict benches ex-Indiana Supreme Court hopeful."

Interestingly, as indicated quite clearly on p.15 of his application (see below), at the time of his application for the Supreme Court opening, Mr. Shirley had already submitted to the Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission for approval a "Statement of Circumstances and Conditional Agreement for Discipline" stipulating agreed facts and proposed discipline. This was the document the Supreme Court accepted in its order yesterday: "The parties propose the appropriate discipline is a 30-day suspension with automatic reinstatement."
From p. 15 of the Supreme Court application signed June 29, 2010:

In the Matter of Curtis E. Shirley, Cause No. 49S00-0712-DI-581 (disciplinary commission matter involving a conflict of interest and an unreasonable fee for my representing and charging a corporation while also representing its controlling shareholder on an individual matter). An agreed statement of circumstances and conditional agreement for diSscipline is pending before the Indiana Supreme Court.

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