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Friday, October 29, 2010

Ind. Decisions - One today from the tax court

In Dale J. Scopelite and James T. Sheehan v. Indiana Dept. of Local Government Finance(NFP), a 19-page opinion, Judge Fisher writes:

On November 7, 2008, the Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF) issued a final determination approving the City of Hammond's (City) budget and tax levy for the 2008 tax year. Dale J. Scopelite and James T. Sheehan (hereinafter, the Petitioners) challenge that final determination. * * *

[Issues] I. Did the DLGF deny the Petitioners due process when it conducted its hearing on the taxpayers' objection statement on October 30, 2008? II. Did the DLGF fail to follow the law when it did not provide written determinations and statements on each of the taxpayers' fifty-nine objections? III. Did the DLGF err in concluding that the City had not exceeded its debt limit? IV. Did the DLGF err in approving the City's budget? * * *

[Conclusion] The Court AFFIRMS the DLGF's final determination in its entirety.

Posted by Marcia Oddi on October 29, 2010 11:27 AM
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