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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ind. Gov't. - Indiana Gasification files for construction and operating permits

SB 251, which now includes the CO2 pipeline for the Rockport coal gasification plant (see April 17th ILB entry), has today passed the House and returned to the house of origin.

Simultaneously today, Indiana Gasification has issued this 4-page press release, with contacts listed as Mark Lubbers and William Rosenberg, that begins:

Indiana Gasification has submitted applications to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) for Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act construction and operating permits. The Indiana Gasification facility, to be located near Rockport, Indiana, will convert 10,000 tons per day of Illinois Basin coal (and possibly some petroleum coke) to two primary products. Pipeline-quality substitute natural gas (SNG) will be sold to the Indiana Finance Authority under an agreement announced in December 2010, as well as other customers. Liquefied carbon dioxide (CO2) will be delivered through a pipeline to be developed from Indiana to the Gulf Coast region for use in enhanced oil recovery (EOR). It is estimated that the liquefied CO2 will help produce approximately 10,000,000 barrels per year of additional domestic oil.

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