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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ind. Courts - "Turning up the heat on the court: Rally will protest ruling that people must let police enter home"

That is the headline to this story in today's Indianapolis Star about continued reaction to the Supreme Court's May 12th, 3-2 opinion in Barnes v. State, reported by Carrie Ritchie. Some quotes:

One man is trying to get the justice who authored the opinion removed. But the biggest outcry over the May 12 ruling might come Wednesday at a rally citizens have organized to protest the decision.

Will the court bow to mounting public pressure? Probably not, said Charles Geyh, a law professor at Indiana University-Bloomington who specializes in judicial conduct and ethics.

In fact, judges often face more scrutiny when they "kowtow" to the public, he said. "The judges take their jobs very seriously and work very hard not to be influenced by the sentiments of the moment." * * *

[Jeff Houk, a rally organizer,] also will be trying to garner support for a political action committee he formed to oust Steven David, the Supreme Court justice who authored the ruling.

In November 2012, people will be able to vote on whether to retain David, who was appointed to the state's highest court in the fall. Houk is urging people to vote him off the bench because of his stance on this case.

None of the Supreme Court justices will comment on the case or the fallout surrounding it because that would violate rules governing judicial conduct, Supreme Court spokeswoman Kathryn Dolan said.

Meanwhile, elected officials have been quick to speak out about the ruling.

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