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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ind. Decisions - "Daniels 'puzzled' by cop entry ruling"

Dan Carden reports today in the NWI Times:

INDIANAPOLIS | Count Gov. Mitch Daniels among those who are not fans of the Indiana Supreme Court's ruling [in Barnes v. State] that Hoosiers do not have a right to resist illegal police entry into their homes.

"I was puzzled by the ruling as a lot of folks were, but they have the last say," Daniels said.

That means, unlike some state legislators who have publicly called on the court to repudiate its ruling, the Republican governor plans to keep quiet.

"I'm not in habit of giving advice to the Supreme Court," Daniels said. "It'll be up to them to decide whether in some fashion to revisit what they did." * * *

On Tuesday, Daniels seemed to distance himself from David, reminding reporters the governor is required to choose a new justice from among three candidates recommended by a judicial selection committee.

At the same time, Daniels defended his pick.

"In the interviews and in the aftermath of his appointment, he stood out as a strict constructionist judge in terms of respecting the Constitution of the state and the laws of the state, and as far as I know that's still an accurate description," Daniels said.

There is tape of precisely what the governor said, and his intonations. This is available online thanks to reporter Abdul Hakim Shabazz's "In Mitch's Own Words" entry here. Access Daniels' remarks in the third segment, at a little less than half way though.

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