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Monday, June 27, 2011

Ind. Decisions - Legislative Panel to Review High Court Ruling on Illegal Police Entry This Wednesday

So announced State Sen. Brent Steele in a press release today. Some quotes:

STATEHOUSE (June 27, 2011) — State lawmakers will this week begin a formal review of the recent controversial Indiana Supreme Court ruling on illegal police entries, according to State Sen. Brent Steele (R-Bedford).

Steele, chair of the Legislative Council Subcommittee on Barnes v. State, said the panel’s first meeting will take place at 1 p.m. Wednesday in Room 431 of the Statehouse.

Subcommittee members include Sen. Tim Lanane (D-Anderson) and Reps. Eric Turner (R-Marion) and Linda Lawson (D-Hammond).

“Taking away the constitutional right Indiana residents have to resist questionable police entry into their homes is undoubtedly a shocking decision,” Steele said. “Though I am hopeful our state’s Supreme Court justices will reconsider the opinion and narrow their ruling, many questions have already been raised. Lawmakers now need to discuss ways to clarify self-defense and search-and-seizure laws in the 2012 legislative session.” * * *

“As there has been no reconsideration announced by the court, lawmakers will discuss possible resolutions,” Steele said. “While the public is invited to attend, public testimony will be taken at a later date.”

Here is the agenda.

ILB: The Attorney General is expected to file a response to the petition of re hearing before today's filing deadline.

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