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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Courts - India's Supreme Court locates treasures worth $22 billion in the sealed vaults of a 16th century Hindu temple

Talk about proactive!

From the WSJ's India Realtime blog, some quotes from Margherita Stancati:

But if this news evoked images of a gung-ho archeologist on a daring expedition, you’d be on the wrong track. The extraordinary discovery was spearheaded not by Kerala’s own Indiana Jones but by fine legal minds of India’s Supreme Court. Treasure-hunting marks a first for India’s top court, which in recent years has raised its voice and expanded its policy reach on issues ranging from land acquisition, to black money to malnutrition – positions that have sometimes pitted it against elected officials.

Despite the Supreme Court’s enterprising spirit, it was difficult to see this one coming. The court dispatched a team of seven – former judges and temple staff among them – to open the temple’s secret chambers, the first of which was unlocked June 27. Of the temple’s six chambers, four have been opened so far. The remaining two are likely to be examined between Monday and Tuesday. * * *

The Supreme Court’s archeological venture came in response to a legal petition to audit the temple’s wealth that was filed as part of a dispute over who should administer the holy shrine.

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