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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Ind. Courts - "IUPUI’s Center for Criminal Justice Research lands $405,000 grant to review effectiveness of Indiana’s criminal justice programs"

That is the headline from a news release received yesterday (that doesn't seem to be available online) that begins:

Indianapolis—The Indiana Criminal Justice Institute (ICJI) has awarded the Center for Criminal Justice Research (CCJR) $405,450 for a project that will help improve the effectiveness of state-funded criminal justice initiatives.

The project will look at efforts financed by 10 state funding streams, compare those to efforts nationwide, and identify the characteristics of those that work best. “The goal is to help ensure the state’s allocation of criminal justice dollars is sound and based on cutting-edge research,” said principal investigator Thomas D. Stucky, Associate Professor and Director of Criminal Justice and Public Safety Programs at the Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) at IUPUI, where CCJR is housed. Stucky added, “When this project is complete, the state of Indiana will better understand how to distribute its criminal justice dollars most effectively.”

The first stage of the two-year project will identify those types of programs that have been shown to be the most effective. The second stage will catalog existing criminal justice data to help make data-driven criminal justice decisions. A key component of this second stage will be to identify gaps in available data that limit the state’s ability to make evidence-based criminal justice decisions.

Mark Massa, executive director of ICJI, said, “We are turning to CCJR to synthesize the most current information available from a variety of resources nationwide as well as our own records here in Indiana. Going forward, this will help ensure that the state is making data-driven decisions when it distributes funds and establishes policies.”

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