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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ind. Decisions - Lake County elections board attorney suspended

Susan Brown reports in the NWI Times:

CROWN POINT | Attorney Bruce Lambka, who serves as the GOP legal representative on the Lake County Elections Board, is prohibited from practicing law for 18 months, beginning Sept. 2.

An order issued by the Indiana Supreme Court indicates Lambka was found guilty of professional misconduct for failing to act diligently and promptly and engaging in conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice. * * *

He also was cited for having a lengthy history of suspensions from practice. The order shows a dozen incidents of noncompliance beginning in May 1998, primarily for failing to complete continuing education requirements or pay required dues.

Lambka may petition for reinstatement at the conclusion of the 18-month suspension, the order states.

Here is the 2-page, July 21, 2011 Supreme Court order, which includes the following:
The Commission filed its "Verified Complaint for Disciplinary Action" on August 2, 2010. Respondent filed an answer, and the hearing officer held an evidentiary hearing, at which Respondent appeared pro se. Neither party filed a petition for review of the hearing officer's report or brief on sanctions pursuant to Admission and Discipline Rule 23(15)(a). * * *

Facts in aggravation are: (1) Respondent's failure to appear at the trial was deliberate rather than inadvertent; and (2) Respondent did not cooperate with the Lake County Bar Association or with the Commission in their investigations of this matter. In addition, Respondent has a lengthy history of suspensions from practice:
Continuing Legal Education ("CLE") noncompliance suspension, 5/20/98; reinstated 6/4/98.
CLE noncompliance suspension, 5/11/99; reinstated 7/1/99.
CLE noncompliance suspension, 4/17/01; reinstated 5/17/01.
CLE noncompliance suspension, 5/3/05; reinstated 8/22/05.
45S00-0601-DI-9: Show cause petition filed 1/19/06. Dismissed with costs 3/10/06.
45S00-0605-DI-180: Show cause petition filed 5/17/06. Dismissed with costs 6/30/06.
CLE noncompliance suspension, 5/22/07; reinstated 6/4/07.
CLE noncompliance suspension, 5/21/08; reinstated 7/17/08.
Dues nonpayment suspension, 5/21/08; reinstated 7/26/08.
45S00-1002-DI-111: Show cause petition filed 2/21/10. Suspended for noncooperation 5/28/10. Reinstated on certificate of compliance 6/14/10.
CLE noncompliance suspension, 6/8/10; reinstated 7/21/10.
Dues nonpayment suspension, 6/8/10; reinstated 7/26/10. * * *

Discipline: For Respondent's professional misconduct, the Court suspends Respondent from the practice of law in this state for a period of not less than one year and six months, without automatic reinstatement, beginning September 2, 2011.

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