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Monday, January 09, 2012

Ind. Courts - Marion County Will Elect At Least Four New Judges This Year

Twenty Marion County Superior Court judges' terms expire in 2012. Here is the list, arranged by party but otherwise in no particular order:

Republicans Democrats
William J. Nelson Grant Hawkins
Lisa Borges Thomas J. Carroll
Michael D. Keele Barbara Collins
Sheila A. Carlisle Linda E. Brown
Carol J. Orbison Becky Pierson-Treacy
Reuben B. Hill Mark Stoner
S.K. Reid John Hanley
William Young Heather Welch
Clark Rogers Jose Salinas
Robert R. Altice, Jr. Steven Eichholtz

This link leads to a list of links to all Marion County judges, with their courts, some with photos, etc.

The Judicial Excellence Political Action Committee (“JEPAC") of the Indianapolis Bar Association began conducting its evaluation of 2012 candidates for Marion Superior Court at midnight Monday, January 9. The online survey was sent to all members of the Indianapolis Bar Association; as well as attorneys from the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office, Marion County Public Defender Agency, and all attorneys that have entered an appearance in incumbent candidate courts since 2009. The survey will close on January 18.

Who is not running again?

A comparison of the names of incumbent judicial officers who have declared themselves to be candidates for Marion Superior Court with the above table shows that the following are not running for reelection in 2012: Three Republicans: Judges Hill, Reid and Young. And one Democrat: Judge Collins.

Who is running as a non-incumbent?

The following attorneys who submitted their names to JEPAC for the evaluation are currently not serving on the Marion County Superior Court:

So, look for at least four new Marion County Superior Court judges, but it could be as many as nine if some of these people knock off incumbents. In the last election (2008), three Republican judges lost at slating.

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