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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ind. Law - More on: "Hairdressers may have killed bill that would eliminate licensing"

Updating this ILB entry from yesterday, here is more about the Regulated Occupations Evaluation Committee. As noted here yesterday, it is a statutory committee (IC 25-1-16), created in 2010 by PL 84 (SEA 356, authored by Sen. Delph). Sec. 10 provides:

The committee shall establish a schedule to review and evaluate each regulated occupation. Each regulated occupation must be reviewed and evaluated at least every seven (7) years.
This is NOT a legislative study committee, but a statutory committee with NO legislative members. From the committee's webpage:
Indiana’s Regulated Occupations Evaluation Committee (ROEC) was established by the Indiana General Assembly to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of all professional licenses regulated by the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency (IPLA).
Here is information on the seven committee members. According to IC 25-1-16-11, the committee also has a staff.

The committee continues to meet. Here is the agenda for its Jan. 25, 2012 meeting, which gives a good idea of the agencies that will be covered in the bill to be introduced in 2013. They include real estate, auctioneer, plumbing, to name a few.

Here is the committee's "Assessment framework for occupational regulation", which begins:

In order to guide its work, the ROEC has prepared a conceptual framework aimed at answering two questions: (1) Should the state of Indiana be involved in any form of regulation (e.g., licensing, certification or registration) of a particular occupation and, if so (2) What questions should be asked to determine whether a regulatory program is accomplishing its public purpose in a cost-effective manner or needs to be buttressed or reformed in some specific way.

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