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Friday, February 10, 2012

Environment - "Rural Bloomfield company specializing in 'meth lab' clean ups"

From the Greene County Daily World, a long story by Nick Schneider, Assistant Editor, looks at:

A rural Bloomfield company -- Crisis Cleaning -- specializes in meth lab clean-ups in a five-state area.

Officials say business is going well -- a direct by-product of the continuing meth epidemic that is plaguing rural areas across the nation.

A division of English Construction Company, Crisis Cleaning was founded as a sister company in 2001 by company CEO Donetta Held and featured death and crime scene cleaning in its infant years.

The company still handles those kinds of cases, but in 2006, at the urging of sheriffs from throughout the state, the business expanded to do certified meth lab clean-ups.

Today, the company is on-call 24 hours a day for clients in Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio and Kentucky. Business has flourished enough to open satellite offices in Evansville, Fort Wayne, and Lewis Center, Ohio.

Crisis Cleaning receives referrals from county sheriffs, other law enforcement agencies and county health departments for their specialized service focused on meth labs. They are one of about half dozen firms throughout Indiana that do this kind of work.

More from the story - readers may recall that the Indiana law referenced has been contentious because of cost:
The company got a real boost when the state of Indiana enacted a law governing the clean-up of illegal drug labs.

"The majority of our work does come from Indiana," [Crisis Cleaning CEO Donetta Held] said. "With Indiana, the law passed in March of 2007 so when police bust a house, the police have to notify the county health department and then the health department sends a letter to the property owner demanding that they clean up the property and have it tested. With the new law, you (a clean-up firm) had to be certified and listed with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM)."

More from the lengthy article:
The company is busy in Vanderburgh County (Evansville) where a state top 116 labs were seized in 2011. In addition, business has been good in the Bedford, Columbus, Kendallville, Fort Wayne, and Elkhart areas.

"Unfortunately it's such a growing problem everywhere," Held said. "I was surprised that how many people didn't realize that with a meth lab they think once the police take the chemicals out of there, that is all that there is to do. They don't realize that with the cooking, and the manufacturing, or the smoking, what hazard is left in the property for anybody who would move in it."

Held wrote a book "The Meth Solution" in 2009 and it is a step-by-step guide to methamphetamine decontamination.

"A lot of our business is from rental property, from landlords. The tenant is the one that did the meth lab, but the owners are responsible."

ILB: There is much more worth reading in the article. See also this Dec. 4, 2010 ILB entry headed "Meth law cleanup costs can be staggering for an unwitting property owner," along with the links at the end of the entry.

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