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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Ind. Courts - Busy day, Supreme Court agrees to hear legislative fines case [Updated]

Niki Kelly of the FWJG tweets:

So now the ISC has three major cases going; legislative fines; Daniels deposition in IBM case; and Charlie White's SOS successor.

I guess Chief Justice Randy Shepard won't be bored in the remaining days of his tenure; he is set to resign in March.

Here is the order. The Court press office sends along this note:

You’ll remember, on Jan 27th the Supreme Court granted transfer to Berry v Crawford. The Court has been asked to consider another appeal, arising from the same trial court matter.

The Supreme Court granted transfer and consolidated the two “Berry” cases into one. The Court also had a number of motions to consider. As the order explains, the Supreme Court granted in part and denied in part. The trial court previously ordered Berry to immediately repay amounts withheld as fines in 2011. The Supreme Court stayed that decision. Meaning, Berry need not act on the trial court order to pay. The trial court also previously enjoined Berry from further withholdings. The Supreme Court has ordered that judgment to remain in effect. In short, the Supreme Court order says:

1. The Supreme Court is taking the case

2. The Supreme Court is consolidating the two Berry cases

3. Berry need not pay back fines already withheld, pending the appeal

4. Berry should not withhold current/more fines

[More] Here is Chris Sikich's coverage just posted to the IndyStar.

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