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Friday, February 17, 2012

Ind. Decisions - Still more on: Supreme Court denies transfer for COA decision removing Prosecutor Keith Henderson from David Camm case

Updating yesterday evening's ILB entry, Harold J. Adams of the Louisville Courier Journal has this story this morning, headed "Prosecutor Keith Henderson defiant after removal from David Camm murder case." Among the quotes:

Henderson, citing the fact that Camm has twice been convicted of the murders only to have the convictions overturned, noted that “the state and the attorney general are zero-for-seven in the court of appeals and the Indiana Supreme Court” on an assortment of Camm related questions.

“However, in front of the trial court” he said, “both those two groups of twelve (jurors) convicted David Camm.”

[Camm defense attorney Stacey Uliana] said, “There’s obviously validity to every complaint that we’ve made because we’ve won every issue. All we’ve been trying to do is get the basic components of a fair trial.”

The first conviction was overturned by the Court of Appeals because then-prosecutor Stan Faith relied heavily on testimony about Camm’s extramarital affairs, which the court deemed irrelevant. The second was reversed because Henderson relied on what the supreme court called a “speculative” argument that Camm sexually molested his daughter.

Uliana said “that means you’re doing it wrong.”

Henderson said the Camm defense team filed the ethics complaint against him “to interfere” with his prosecution of the case. “It’s almost a duplicate of the motion for a special prosecutor” that claimed he tried to get more money in the book contract after the second conviction was reversed and then lied about it, he said.

Louisville law firm Frost Brown Todd is representing Henderson before the Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission regarding the complaint. The firm has billed Henderson a total of $27,539.55 for services between May 18 and Nov. 30 of last year, according to records of the Floyd County Auditor’s office. All of those bills have been paid by the county. * * *

The existence of the complaint became public because of the documentation accompanying the Frost Brown Todd invoices that are publicly available.

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