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Monday, March 19, 2012

Stage Collapse - "Trauma Doctors Weigh In On Stage Collapse Injuries"

Here is a WRTV 6 story, last updated March 16th:

INDIANAPOLIS -- The city’s top trauma centers are offering new insights on stage rigging collapses similar to the one that happened at the Indiana State Fair in August 2011.

Indiana doctors said the collapses are causing injuries that can be prevented, and they’re hoping to reduce mass casualty incidents at outdoor concerts.

Dr. Gerardo Gomez is in charge of the trauma center at Wishard Memorial Hospital. Since the State Fair, he and his colleagues have reviewed outdoor stage disasters and have concluded that Indiana’s incident was the most lethal on record.

“It shouldn’t have happened, when you have a collapse that was preventable,” Gomez said.

The study found that most injuries from stage accidents occurred above the waist, RTV6's Rafael Sanchez reported.

Dr. Jeffrey Browne with the Indiana University School of Medicine said the concern is that a massive number of those injuries could delay treatment because doctors specialized to handle specific types of emergencies could be outnumbered and overwhelmed.

“Typically, mass casualty injuries are distributed among the body equally,” Browne said.

Doctors said they hope their studies will spark changes at outdoor concert events.

The study calls for established evacuation procedures and command centers that include weather, engineering, police and health professionals to make coordinated decisions in the reassessment of outdoor stage construction.

“If we do a better job of preparing the structures to resist these winds, the chances of this happening again will be minimized,” Gomez said.

The results of the IU study are expected to be released to the public in the summer.

See also the accompanying video.

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