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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Ind. Courts - Still more on: Final Arguments Today in IBM/State case

Carrie Ritchie of the Indianapolis Star has posted a story on this morning's final arguments in the State v. IBM trial. The story begins:

Closing arguments are underway in a trial for dueling lawsuits over the state's canceled welfare modernization contract with IBM.

The state presented its closing arguments this morning and IBM will present its closing arguments this afternoon. The closing arguments will end the lengthy trial, which began Feb. 27.

Attorney John Maley, who's representing the state, said during closing arguments this morning that the case is fairly simple.

"(IBM) signed on to deliver," Maley said, "and they didn't."

He also said that the company "never focused on the people in need," who sometimes went without services because of problems with the automated system.

IBM spokesman Clint Roswell said in an email statement this morning that the state's "finger-pointing {$326} could not obscure the fact that Indiana Welfare Eligibility System still uses IBM technology and expertise to this day."

"No one can deny IBM's good faith efforts and the benefits it has provided to the citizens of Indiana," Roswell said in the statement.

Both sides are squabbling over millions of dollars that each is trying to force the other to pay.

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