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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ind. Courts - While "Pulaski County Bell Tower Worsens With Each Toll Of The Bell," Randolph County Courthouse Dedication This Week

"Ben" at K99.3 FM reports:

Pulaski County Maintenance Director Morry Demarco told the commissioners this week that with each toll of the Pulaski County Courthouse bell, mortar crumbles from between the bricks, and he is anxious to get the bell tower fixed. (Photo)
Meanwhile, the restored Randolph County Courthouse, about which the ILB has had a number of entries over the years, is being dedicated this week. Jeff Ward has a long story in the Muncie Star-Press. A few quotes:
The Randolph County Courthouse -- a building that was a step away from the wrecking ball and prompted seven members of a bridge club to pose nude in order to save it -- is about to have its public unveiling after a 33-month renovation costing nearly $8.2 million.

The project cost about $200,000 less than budgeted, and will be paid off in about 10 years.

That price tag includes a dramatic new clock tower and mansard roof -- visible for miles in any direction -- to replace what was removed around 1955 because it had fallen into disrepair.

It also includes an annex and elevator that has added 12,300 square feet to the north side of the existing courthouse, which was built in 1875. * * *

To be sure, the exterior makeover of the courthouse has been dramatic; with the addition of the clock tower, the structure stands 134 feet, 2 1/2 inches from crown to ground.

The interior is just as grand, with incredible attention paid to detail and to the architectural style known as Second Empire, rooted in France, after which the 1875 building was patterned. That style, also known as Napoleon III, often includes a central clock tower, mansard roof, "banding" around the building and other design elements, all present in this courthouse.

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