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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Ind. Decisions - "Jury rules in favor of Alcoa in $12 million lawsuit over disposal of industrial waste"

That is the headline to a long story yesterday in the Evansville Courier & Press, reported by Mark Wilson. Some quotes:

EVANSVILLE — Jurors ruled in favor of Alcoa in a $12 million lawsuit filed by a Chandler, Ind., couple who claimed that waste the company disposed of at a former Warrick County coal mine caused the rare cancer of a former miner there.

The six jurors deliberated for about two hours Tuesday afternoon following a trial that lasted more than two weeks. Although the lawsuit was filed in Warrick County, it went to trial in Vanderburgh County with Circuit Court Judge Carl Heldt presiding as special judge.

Filed in January 2006, the lawsuit charged Bil and Kim Musgrave were exposed to the chemicals through years of recreating at the mine, causing his cancer of the bile duct, which is a rare form of liver cancer. * * *

Attorney Peter Racher, who led the Musgraves’ team of lawyers, declined to comment on the verdict. He is representing a similar lawsuit in Warrick Circuit Court on behalf of more than 40 people, some of whom were witnesses in the Musgraves’ trial.

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