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Friday, June 01, 2012

Ind. Decisions - "Judge allows current, former Camm prosecutors to discuss case"

Duane Pohlman reports for WLKY:


A judge has ruled Floyd County prosecutor Keith Henderson can help the new special prosecutor in the latest David Camm murder trial.

The special prosecutor is playing down the significance of the ruling, but it is a key victory as the case against Camm ramps up for a third trial.

In February, Henderson reacted to news that he was being removed from the Camm case for what Indiana courts called a clear and convincing conflict -- signing the deal to write a book about the case he was prosecuting.

"I respect the Supreme Court decision, (but) I wholly disagree with it," Henderson said in February.

But Camm's attorneys wanted to go further, arguing in Spencer County that Henderson should be barred from all contact with the special prosecutor.

"We don't want that conflict of interest to permeate the new prosecutor," defense attorney Richard Kammen said in April.

But the new prosecutor, Stan Levco, argued against that.

"I thought I ought to be able to have limited contact, given that he tried the case," Levco said in April.

Judge Jonathon Dartt, overseeing the case, agreed, ruling Henderson and Levco can indeed discuss the case.

Levco reacted, saying he's pleased with the ruling, but told WLKY's Duane Pohlman he will have no extensive conversations with Henderson and that Henderson will have no decision-making in the case.

ILB: Interestingly, the special prosecutor, Stan Levco, is also the special prosecutor in the St. Joe County case were:
Former Saint Joe County Democratic Chairman Butch Morgan and three former voter-registration staffers were indicted last month on charges that the staffers forged signatures to ensure Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton had enough names to qualify for Indiana‘s primary in 2008.
See the May 21st story here from Indiana Public Media.

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