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Monday, July 30, 2012

Ind. Courts - Cass County courts put new phone system in place

Caitlin Huston reports today in the Logansport Pharos-Tribune:

A new telephonic appearance system in the Cass County courts might mean less travel time for out-of-town lawyers and lower costs for their clients.

The CourtCall system was put into two courtrooms in Cass County after Superior II Judge Rick Maughmer saw a demonstration at an April judicial conference. The phone system can be used in non-evidentiary hearings so that out-of-town lawyers do not have to travel to Cass County.

The phone system is now in place in Superior Court II and Circuit Court.

Maughmer said the phone system, which he used in court for the first time this month, would have the biggest impact on lawyers who had to travel hours for a five-minute appearance.

“It’s a convenience to the lawyers,” the judge said.

Each time the system is used, it’s a $55 charge, Maughmer said. In some cases, Maughmer said this could cut costs for a client who is paying a lawyer a high hourly fee.

Local lawyers and judges can also use the system if they’re out of town, but need to be present in Cass County for a case, Maughmer added.

Though the courts have a speaker phone system in place, Maughmer said those phones are not on the record and do not allow two parties to talk at the same time. The CourtCall system avoids those problems.

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