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Monday, July 09, 2012

Ind. Courts - Married 19 years: Judge Mary R. Harper, Porter Circuit Court and Judge David L. Chidester, Porter Superior Court #4

This article by James F. Maguire in the July issue of Indiana Court Times focuses on Porter County Judges Harper and Chidester. Some quotes:

Judge Chidester was elected Superior Court Judge in Valparaiso in 2003. Judge Harper is a Republican and Judge Chidester is a Democrat. In 1996, Judge Harper was elected to be the Circuit Court Judge of Porter County. Since 2003, Judges Harper and Chidester are the only married trial court judges in Indiana. * * *

[Judge Harper] Some things we encounter have left me scratching my head and chuckling. After all these years, 19, some of those with whom we come into professional contact don’t know we’re married. We sleep with a fax machine next to the bed for nighttime warrant requests and get a lot of calls. Most are for Dave, as he handles the traffic and OWI cases. A number of officers call for Dave and if he is out of town, they sound lost and tell me they need to find a judge. Some others, when I tell them I’m Judge Harper and I can help them, act like they have just stumbled upon a scandalous liaison.

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