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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ind. Courts - More on: Two justices and four appellate judges must stand for retention this year

On June 21st, the ILB posted this entry, which reads in part:

Who must stand for retention in 2012, if they wish to continue in office?

Two of the five members of the Supreme Court: Justice Steven H. David and Justice Robert D. Rucker. Justice David (appointed 10/18/10) would be standing for his first 10-year term, Justice Rucker for his 2nd (appointed 11/1/99). Justice Mark S. Massa is not yet eligible for retention, as 2 years have not passed since the date of his initial appointment (4/2/12).

Four members of the Court of Appeals must stand for retention in order to continue in office: Judges John G. Baker, Michael P. Barnes, Nancy H. Vaidik and Paul D. Mathias. Judge Martha B. Wentworth of the Tax Court is not yet eligible to stand for a 10-year term because she took office 1/17/11. (The other new COA-level judges, Cale J. Bradford and Elaine B. Brown, stood for retention in 2010.)

The entry went on to say that only Judge Mathias and Justice Rucker had not yet filed for retention.

As of yesterday, they now both have, Mathis on June 29th and Rucker on July 11th.

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