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Monday, July 02, 2012

Ind. Gov't. - Chicago in dispute with parking meter company

A few quotes from this story by Hal Dardick of the Chicago Tribune:

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the company running Chicago's parking meter system are at loggerheads in a dispute that threatens to drain millions of dollars from city coffers, according to correspondence that sheds light on the tense relationship between the city and company executives.

Chicago Parking Meters LLC has canceled further meetings with City Hall and is threatening to go to mediation over $14.2 million the company says it's owed for out-of-service parking spots. City officials want more time to analyze data before making any payment. * * *

Whatever the resolution, the city and company will have to find a way to get along because Emanuel is just the first of many mayors who will have to live with the parking meter contract. In late 2008, Daley got aldermen to quickly approve the 75-year deal for a one-time payment of $1.15 billion.

A botched transition to the private company, increasing meter rates and analyses concluding that the city was shortchanged soured the public on the deal and helped send Daley's approval rating to a new low before his retirement.

Daley and aldermen then spent nearly all of the money to keep the cash-strapped city afloat. By the time Emanuel took over last year, only $125 million of the lease payment remained.

The story points out an issue we don't have in Indianapolis:
Looking ahead, the issue relating to the disabled parking dispute problem is expected to diminish because of new state legislation. Starting in 2014, it will require disabled parkers to feed meters unless they are in wheelchairs or otherwise physically unable to complete the transaction.

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