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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Ind. Gov't. - More on "Indiana loses administrative appeal to defund planned parenthood"

Updating this brief ILB entry from July 6, today Charles Wilson of the AP has a more comprehensive report that begins:

Indiana's decision to deny Planned Parenthood Medicaid funds because it performs abortions denies women the freedom to choose their health care providers, a federal hearing officer said.

The state had asked the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in Chicago to reconsider its June 2011 ruling that found changes in Indiana's Medicaid plan unacceptable. But a hearing officer recommended in documents released Friday that a CMS administrator uphold the agency's initial decision.

The changes to Indiana's plan resulted from a 2011 law that would have made the state the first to deny the organization Medicaid funds for general health services, including cancer screenings. The law has been on hold while the dispute works its way through the courts.

The Indiana attorney general's office, which already is appealing a federal judge's order blocking the law, said it may also contest the panel's recommendation. The state had argued that the dispute should be decided administratively by the CMS, not in court.

Re this Aug. 2, 2011 ILB entry, headed "State files brief in 7th Circuit appeal of Judge Pratt's district court ruling granting preliminary injunction," the 7th Circuit has not yet ruled. The oral argument before the 7th Circuit took place Oct. 20, 2011. See this Oct. 19 and this Oct. 21 ILB entry.

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