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Monday, July 09, 2012

Vacancy #2 on Supreme Court 2012 - Viewing the applications: The ages of the applicants

Ind. University-Robert H. McKinney School of Law professor Joel Schumm has prepared for the ILB an introductory review of the materials submitted by the candidates for the upcoming vacancy on the Indiana Supreme Court. This entry is on the applicants' ages.

Article 7, Section 11 of the Indiana Constitution provides that justices “shall retire at the age specified by statute in effect at the commencement of his current term,” which remains 75, although the mandatory retirement age for trial court judges was removed last year.

As summarized in these ILB posts from 2010 and 2012, the age of applicants for recent Supreme Court vacancies has varied considerably, although the average on each of those occasions was 53. The successful applicants were at or below the average age: Justice David was 53 at appointment and Justice Massa was 51. The average age of the seven justices appointed before them, however, was 45.

The average age of applicants this round is 48 with a range from 38 to 62. [Note: the ages listed below are as of July 17, the first day of interviews.]

Lewis 38
Clark 40
Gooden 41
Joven 42
Metzel 42
Fisher 43
Kozicki 43
Roper 44
Willis 45
Hardman 46
Orr 48
Slaughter 49
Young 49
Tavitas 50
Bradford 52
Gull 53
Vorhees 53
Rush 54
Parsons 55
Kuzma 56
Brown 58
Nation 62

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