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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Ind. Courts - The best of both worlds re access to a statewide network of trial court dockets?

In March of 2005 the ILB posted an entry headed "Has the state-wide case tracking 'wheel' already been invented in Indiana?" This was shortly after the Indianapolis Star story on Tuesday [March 8, 2005] headlined "Plan to link 400 courts hits a wall: Costly software glitch halts effort to computerize records statewide." The entry pointed out that a private commercial service, Doxpop, had at that time already linked the output of the computerized case-management systems (CMS) of 20 counties. It said that Doxpop works on top of a county's case management system, whatever they may be.*

Since 2005 the Court's JTAC started over with an Odyssey system and has installed that CMS in a number of counties. Doxpop in the meantime added a number of additional counties to its network. A stumbling block arose in Dec. of 2007 when Odyssey was installed in the first county already served by Doxpop, Monroe County. Subsequently the Court would not approve private service access the output of the Monroe County Odyssey CMS. So Monroe County dropped out of the than 41-county Doxpop network.

Since then, lawyers wanting to check case status in various counties have had to access two growing networks, Odyssey's and Doxpop's. A break finally came in September of 2011 when the Supreme Court voted to make Odyssey bulk data available to third party vendors.

According to a Doxpop newletter the ILB received this morning, as of this July, Doxpop has now merged the Odyssey output it has contracted for with its own Doxpop network so that "Doxpop now provides information that is updated within 10 minutes or less for cases in nearly all of the 82 Indiana counties that we provide access for." They continue:

Now Doxpop is able to combine real-time data feeds from these two largest case management systems along with the data from several smaller vendors to provide our users with current information to cases in 82 Indiana counties. This has been a lengthy and expensive process for Doxpop, but we think you'll agree that the value it adds for our users has been worth the effort.
*Note: Doxpop became an ILB supporter on April 1, 2008.

Posted by Marcia Oddi on August 2, 2012 08:13 AM
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