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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ind. Courts - This is very strange ....

This story/announcement appeared in the August 29th Brookville American-Democrat:

On September 6, at 7 p.m., the Franklin Circuit Court and Judge J. Steven Cox will host a public presentation focusing primarily on cause numbers 24C01-9001-CF-787, 24C01-9602-CF-076, 24C01-9603-CF-085, 24C01-0710-FC-908, and 24C01-1004-DR-124 as these files relate to David Ison and the actual events surrounding his incarceration and release in Franklin County since 1990.

Much inaccurate information has been disseminated about these files, as well as the general administration of the Court. While unfortunate, this campaign season seems to have generated an inordinate amount of uninformed, negative rhetoric regarding the court and how it functions.

It is the obligation of the court to set the record straight with the facts as they are contained in the Court's actual public files located in the office of the Franklin County Clerk of Courts. The Court expects the prepared presentation to last approximately one hour, and will remain thereafter to answer all questions of concern from the public which can be addressed in a public forum.

The court apologizes in advance to the families of those affected by the public discussion of these files. It is not the goal of the Court to force the community to revisit these tragic events. However, the Court owes a public duty to correct inaccurate statements made against it to preserve the integrity and independence of the institution.

ILB: The most recent news story relating to David Ison is this one about his mother, from August 29th, headed "Mother of convicted murderer charged." See also this Feb. 15, 2012 story from Fox 59 headed "David Ison pleads guilty to Franklin County murders: Ison changes plea at Tuesday hearing, accepting plea of six life sentences without the possibility of parole."

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