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Sunday, August 05, 2012

Ind. Gov't. - "No ruling on lobbying; no Daniels contract as Purdue president, either"

This story yesterday from Eric Weddle of the Lafayette Journal Courier, reporting:

In late June, Daniels said he asked the state’s inspector general for an informal advisory opinion on whether it would be legal for him to advocate for Purdue at the Statehouse under Indiana’s “revolving door law.”

Daniels was elected as Purdue’s 12th president in June and plans to take office in January after completing his second term as governor.

The looming question is whether a one-year “cooling off period” required by the State Ethics Code will apply to Daniels in 2013. The ethics code is intended to keep former public employees from working as a lobbyist for a year after leaving a state job.

But an answer doesn’t seem clear cut. An executive order signed by Daniels on the topic differs with the state ethics code on whether the cooling off period relates to lobbying of the legislature or the executive office. * * *

Another unanswered question is when Daniels’ contract as Purdue president — specifying his salary, term limit and perks — will become known. So far, only a memorandum of understanding between Daniels and board of trustees Chairman Keith Krach has been signed.

On Friday, Purdue spokesman Chris Sigurdson said a contract has yet to be created for Daniels.

For background, start with this ILB entry from June 26, 2012.

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